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Recon Bundle Deal

Recon Bundle Deal

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From the city to the hills, pounding pavement or bush bashing, give your body a boost to conquer anything. Prep now and maximise your weekend mission time with a stash of supplies, ready to go when you are.

HydraPak Recon 750ml + 5x Peak Performance Hunt Smart assorted individual sachets*

Valued at $36.99, choose a Recon to suit your look.
Option one: black, white, and transparent
Option two: iris, violet and transparent

Sustainable and enduring, the Recon is a HydraPak essential, an outdoor workhorse with a difference, being lightweight with a slender design and comfortable in any situation. Impact, stain, and odour resistant, Recon partnering with Peak Performance welcomes a new era of outdoor adventure.

Densely concentrated performance, and ready when you are, Peak Performance is the only electrolyte sports drink needed to achieve. Weighing just 17g, a sachet tucks into your backpack, waist pocket, or hiking pack, ready to dissolve instantly with water from your Recon water bottle.

New Zealand made for local conditions, Peak Performance delivers enhanced hydration coupled with a natural energy boost and faster muscle recovery time. Your secret weapon to success is Peak Performance. 

*Flavours are randomly selected.  Sweetness is a personal preference, so curate the sip that suits you. Less sachet = less sweet.

Capacity: 750ml
Dimensions: 220 mm x 71 mm
Weight: 139g
Material: Tritan® Copolyester PCR (50%), Silicone, TPU

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