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Gel Soft Flask - 150ml

Gel Soft Flask - 150ml

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SoftFlask vs. gel packets = no contest. Simpler, faster and cleaner, this lightweight 150ml collapsible gel flask allows for instant nutrition on your most challenging expeditions. Fill it with up to 5 gel servings, squeeze it empty and you’re ready to take on the world.

    Flexible design shrinks as you drink reducing movement and easily packs away when empty
    Soft material conforms to hydration vests, belts, or pack pockets
    Designed to carry gels, water, electrolytes, or your own nutrition mix

  • SOFT NOZZLE - Wide opening silicone bite nozzle is designed to dispense gels and liquids with a variety of consistencies. Makes fueling for long efforts more convenient, less wasteful and less sticky.
  • EASY OPEN CAP - Protects the bite nozzle from dirt and debris, and keeps the other gear in your vest from getting sticky residue build up. Can be flipped open and closed with one hand.
  • COMPRESSIBLE - The flexible design shrinks as you drink, reducing water movement and easily
    stores away in your pocket when empty.
  • VERSATILE - Designed to carry gels, water, electrolytes or nutrition mixes.
  • PACKABLE - Soft material conforms to any pocket. Fits easily in most hydration vests, belts or pack pockets.
  • GENEROUS - Flask holds 5 servings of energy gel.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - top-rack dishwater safe.

Capacity: 150ml
Weight: 21g
Dimensions: 160mm x 75mm
Materials: TPU, HDPE, PP/POM, Silicone

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